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Police say Boston man was riding a bike and packing a gun

Daquam Baskin-King, of Boston, was arrested near 217 Columbia Road around 2:30 p.m. after police noticed he matched the description of a suspect from an earlier incident.

Thomas Bowes fired as director of embattled RMV unit

An oversight panel fired Bowes after RMV officials admitted they knowingly stopped processing alerts from other states about law-breaking Massachusetts drivers more than a year ago.

EMTs save unconscious Methuen boy after diving accident; dad intercepts ambulance in traffic

Methuen Fire Department ambulance crew were en route to rescue an unconscious boy when the boy’s father cut them off in traffic and delivered his son to them.

More thunderstorms are on the way Wednesday

Some thunderstorms could be severe — and there is the possibility of a tornado, forecasters say.

Who stole 4,000 undersized oysters from the town of Sandwich?

Someone emptied a wire cage floating in Mill Creek containing thousands of immature oysters, and their fate remains a mystery.

Bobcat might be living in West Roxbury; officials warn pet owners to be vigilant

Wildlife officials are warning Boston pet owners to be vigilant after a bobcat was spotted at a West Roxbury park Sunday and might be living nearby.

‘All they have is a grave to visit’: Man gets life in prison for killing father of twins in Dorchester

Their father was 28-year-old Dantley Leonard, who was fatally shot in November 2016 in Dorchester.

A tractor-trailer rolled over on Route 1 in Peabody

The truck rolled over on an onramp, causing traffic delays Tuesday morning, police said.

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Who are you going to call when (gasp!) your kids have lice?

Lice Treatment Center Metrowest brings its services, and all-natural shampoo, to families, schools, and camps.

Five elderly siblings reunited in Peabody

“We started our lives together and we are so lucky to be ending our lives together,” said Mary Cena, 92.

Once an immigrant, now she helps others

Once an immigrant, Saska Icitovic of Lynn now helps others who fled oppression in their native lands.

Openings, closings, and more in the south suburbs

Comings and goings of businesses and other organizations in the suburbs south of Boston.

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