Latest Headlines in Obituaries

A sentinel to the memories of those lost at Pearl Harbor

George Hursey, 98, who died Nov. 5, was an Army veteran who survived the Pearl Harbor attack. A Southerner by birth, after the war he settled in his wife’s hometown of Brockton.

Gillian Jagger, sculptor whose medium was nature, dies

Ms. Jagger was a fiercely independent creator who adhered to her own instincts and vision; though her work has affinities with feminist art, land art, and post-minimalism, she never aligned with any prevailing styles or movements.

Robert Freeman, Beatles album cover photographer, dies at 82

Paul McCartney said Mr. Freeman ‘‘was one of our favorite photographers during the Beatles years who came up with some of our most iconic album covers.’’

Gay Byrne, who tackled taboos as Ireland’s TV host, dies at 85

The beloved Irish radio and television personality broke codes of silence over sexual practices, abuse, and hypocrisy in Ireland’s deeply conservative Roman Catholic society.

Leading intellectual in Benin, Albert Tevoedjre, dies at 89

Albert Tevoedjre, a Benin political scientist and one of former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s most trusted experts on social and economic development strategies for Africa, has died in Porto-Novo, Benin, at the age of 89.

Marya Columbia, whose music soothed on 9/11, dies at 63

Like many New Yorkers, Marya Columbia felt compelled to respond to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 — to do something, to help someone. What she, a violinist, had to offer was music.


Overlooked no more: Annie Londonderry rode out of Boston and into history

The decade before the 20th century began saw an explosion in bicycle sales and cycling in general and in June of 1894, Annie Cohen Kopchovsky, a Latvian immigrant about age 23, cycled away from her Boston home, leaving a husband and three small children, for a journey around the world.

Stephen Dixon, prolific writer of experimental, unsettling fiction, dies at 83

Stephen Dixon, a prolific novelist and short-story writer whose humorous, freewheeling fiction traced the shocks and jolts of romance, aging, and everyday life, in an experimental but plain-spoken style that brought readers deep inside the minds of his characters, died Wednesday.